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About Me

Hello! I’m known as RotrixX, and I’m a passionate full-stack web developer with experience in React. I also have strong skills in the programming languages Rust and JavaScript. My main focus is on web development, but I’m also drawn to the exciting world of game development. Since discovering my passion for programming, I have dedicated 2 years to web development, and since December 2022, I have been focused on learning and mastering the Rust programming language.

Throughout my professional journey, I have worked on a variety of web projects, from interactive websites to real-world applications. My focus on full-stack development has allowed me to understand and work on all layers of a web application, from the frontend to the backend and the database. I am familiar with best practices in web development and strive to create efficient, scalable, and high-quality applications.

Additionally, I enjoy challenging myself and constantly learning. In early 2022, I began exploring the world of ethical hacking to broaden my knowledge and better understand how to secure applications. This experience has provided me with deeper insights into security aspects in web development.

As for game development, I immersed myself in it in early 2021. I have developed some unpublished and unfinished indie games and gained experience with Unreal Engine, a professional game engine. Lately, in July 2023, I have been dedicated to creating a game engine in Rust, my favorite programming language for building secure, fast, and efficient games with the engine. You can find the GitHub account here.

Aside from my skills in web development and game development, I’m also a Neovim enthusiast. As an experienced user, I master this powerful text editing tool and use it efficiently in my daily workflows. Neovim provides me with a personalized and highly productive programming experience.

Furthermore, I share a passion for Linux. Since I started learning it in 2021, I have embraced Linux, specifically Arch Linux, as my primary operating system. I love the open-source philosophy and the flexibility it offers. Throughout my experience, I have acquired skills in server administration and configuration, allowing me to occasionally deploy and keep my systems running smoothly.

If you’d like to see some of my work and projects, you can visit my GitHub profile here. There you’ll find a sample of my code and projects I’ve been working on.

I’m excited to continue growing as a developer and learning new technologies and approaches. If you have any questions or are interested in collaborating on a project, feel free to contact me. I look forward to contributing and creating innovative solutions in the world of web development and game development!

I’m a Full Stack Web Developer & Open Source, GNU/Linux enthusiast.

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