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GDPR Compliant Alternative to Google Fonts

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As you probably already know or in case you don’t, google fonts is no longer legal in Europe. This is due to the GDPR, which is a regulation for applications serving Europe, so that platforms do not collect user information without making it clear. The fines can be up to 1 million euros, so it is better to think about alternatives.

I have been researching, and a very good alternative is Bunny Fonts. The interface is very similar to Google Fonts and so is the font import. It just looks like a Google Fonts clone but is GDPR compliant.

How do I import a font from bunny fonts? #

Simple. Here is a screenshot of the Bunny Fonts home page:

bunny fonts homepage

Choose the desired font. Click the add variant button for each variant you want to import.

Font chosen bunny fonts

This window will open, if not, click Fonts +.

Import font

And now you only have to copy and paste those styles in your css file, like this:

@import url(,400i);

body {
  font-family: 'ABeeZee', sans-serif;

Outro #

You have already seen how similar bunny fonts is to google fonts. So remember to use this page instead of google fonts, unless you want to get a big fine!

Thanks for reading this article!