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Theme guide for myself

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Hugo Guide theme

Kinda quotes #

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Alerts #

This is important: Look!

Badges #

Take a look at this cool badge: Test Badge!

Buttons #

Here you have kinda a button:

Cool button

Charts #

The charts are difficult!

Just look at that!

Icons #

Here you have some cool icons:

Lists #

A list:


Intro to RCEs: What they are and how to prevent them
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Hacking RCE
An RCE (Remote Code Execution) allows the attacker to execute malicious code on a remote server if, for example, you have a website with a vulnerable parameter in the url. Discover more about RCEs and how to prevent them in this article!
Subdomain Takeover: how an atacker can take control of your website
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Hacking Vuln
Computer attacks are increasingly sophisticated and, in many cases, they can go unnoticed for a long time. One of these types of attacks is subdomain takeover, in which an attacker can take control of a subdomain of a website and use it for its own malicious purposes.

Colors #

Showcase of colors:

Diagrams #

Not very basic diagram: #

graph LR; A[Learn]-->B[Code]; B-->C[Profit]

Other one: #

gantt dateFormat DD-MM-YYYY title GANTT diagram section A section Completed task :done des1, 01-01-2022, 18-04-2022 Active task :active des2, 18-04-2022, 30-08-2022 Future task : des3, 30-08-2022, 09-04-2023

Some git graph: #

gitGraph commit tag: "v1.0.0" commit branch nightly commit tag: "v1.1.0" commit commit checkout main commit tag: "v1.0.1" commit merge nightly commit tag: "v1.2.0" commit

Thanks for reading :) #