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Theme guide for myself

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Hugo Guide theme

Kinda quotes #

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Alerts #

This is important: Look!

Badges #

Take a look at this cool badge: Test Badge!

Buttons #

Here you have kinda a button:

Cool button

Charts #

The charts are difficult!

Just look at that!

Icons #

Here you have some cool icons:

Lists #

A list:


GDPR Compliant Alternative to Google Fonts
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web frontend services alternative
As you probably already know or in case you don’t, google fonts is no longer legal in Europe. This is due to the GDPR, which is a regulation for applications serving Europe, so that platforms do not collect user information without making it clear.
About Me
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About Me
Hello! I’m known as RotrixX, and I’m a passionate full-stack web developer with experience in React. I also have strong skills in the programming languages Rust and JavaScript. My main focus is on web development, but I’m also drawn to the exciting world of game development.
Intro to RCEs: What they are and how to prevent them
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Hacking RCE
An RCE (Remote Code Execution) allows the attacker to execute malicious code on a remote server if, for example, you have a website with a vulnerable parameter in the url. Discover more about RCEs and how to prevent them in this article!

Colors #

Showcase of colors:

Diagrams #

Not very basic diagram: #

graph LR; A[Learn]-->B[Code]; B-->C[Profit]

Other one: #

gantt dateFormat DD-MM-YYYY title GANTT diagram section A section Completed task :done des1, 01-01-2022, 18-04-2022 Active task :active des2, 18-04-2022, 30-08-2022 Future task : des3, 30-08-2022, 09-04-2023

Some git graph: #

gitGraph commit tag: "v1.0.0" commit branch nightly commit tag: "v1.1.0" commit commit checkout main commit tag: "v1.0.1" commit merge nightly commit tag: "v1.2.0" commit

Thanks for reading :) #